Chatham Baroque, Inc.


For information on ticketing and subscription sales and policies, click here.

How does seating work this year?

Chatham Baroque’s concerts have always been general admission: no assigned seats. However, in recognition of R&B’s practice of reserved seating at Synod Hall and to accommodate long-time subscribers, R&B’s full subscribers from last year may elect to reserve their same seats from last year (for R&B concerts at Synod Hall only) if they subscribe by mail or phone before September 1.

For those who choose this option, since our ticketing system (ShowClix) isn’t set up for assigned seats, your tickets won’t have a seat number on them. However, your physical seats at Synod Hall will have a ‘reserved’ sign on them, e.g. “RESERVED – F106”, and each usher will have a list of reserved seats and the people they are assigned to.

If you forget which seats are yours or just want to confirm with us about them, contact us at info@chathambaroque.org

Early Music FAQs

What is Early Music?

Early Music is music of the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, and Early Classical periods (roughly 1200 to 1800). But when talked about as a movement, the words “Early Music” are typically closely associated with historically informed performance and the Early Music Revival.

You can read more about Early Music here.

General FAQs

What is Chatham Baroque, Inc?

We are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that specializes in the weird and wonderful world of Early Music. We produce and present concerts and educational experiences. Click here to check out our new mission statement and current Board of Directors.

Is Chatham Baroque a part of Chatham University?

No, but Chatham Baroque derives its name from the same place as the university, and we regularly host concerts at Campbell Memorial Chapel.

What are your concerts like?

The three concert series that we present are:

  • Chatham Baroque: Our core trio of artistic directors, Andrew Fouts (violin), Patricia Halverson (viola da gamba), and Scott Pauley (theorbo and baroque guitar), welcome various combinations of guest artists to Pittsburgh for 5 unique programs during the concert season. These programs generally utilize 3-10 performers. Each concert weekend is comprised of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday shows at various locations in the Pittsburgh area.
  • Renaissance & Baroque: This concert series has been a pillar in Pittsburgh’s Early Music community since 1968. In this series, we present a variety of Early Music groups from the various historical periods, styles, and genres from about 1200-1800 A.D. The personnel for these concerts range from solo recitals to large chamber ensembles of a dozen or more. Concerts are typically on Saturdays at 8:00 PM.
  • Peanut Butter & Jam Sessions: PB&J is Chatham Baroque’s Saturday morning children’s series held at McClintic Hall at Calvary Episcopal Church. Click here for more info.
How long do concerts last?

Most concerts last between 1:30 – 2:00 hours with a 15 minute intermission.

How should I dress for the concert?

There is no dress code. Concertgoers come dressed as they are comfortable, some formally, some casually. It’s up to you.

Where are you located?

Our office is located in Lawrenceville, but our concerts are all over the place. Click here for a list of venues.

Our mailing address is:

Chatham Baroque, Inc.
100 43rd St
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

And you can call us during normal business hours at 412-687-1788

Where do I sign up for the mailing list?

Right here, thank you.

What time does the box office open and when can I get into the performance hall?

The box office opens one hour before performances and we typically open the doors for seating 30 minutes before show time.

What does it mean to subscribe?

Subscriptions grant you admission to all concerts in the Chatham Baroque series, Renaissance & Baroque series, or both. Benefits include discounts and bonus tickets. Click here for more details.

May I bring children to the concert?

Our concerts are most appropriate for children over the age of 8 years. For a concert experience tailored to the needs of younger kids, check out our Peanut Butter & Jam Sessions.

Are your concerts accessible to those with mobility issues?

Please click here to view the accessibility of our venues.